Get Organized!

CellarKeys provides a comprehensive wine cellar management system, and better yet it is the first significant wine cellar app built for social sharing. Give your CellarKey friend a key to your wine cellar, and they can view your wines and comment on them. Use wine cellar sharing to rate each other's wines, trade wine, set up a tasting party, share wine and food tips, and get inspired by your friend's collection. All that and a really fun quiz ... all for free. Give it a go and download it today!

Wine Tip of the Week: Learn What You Like by Taking Good Notes

Wine has so many variables -- from varietal, color, aroma, and palate, to the manner in which it is made, you can learn the subtleties of your own wine preferences by paying attention to each of these variables when you taste, and jotting down a few simple notes. The more you taste and write, the more you'll learn about your palate and different wine styles and varietals. We built a little app to help you with that. Try out The Wine Keyboard, and add detail and organization to your personal wine note collection!
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