Ocean Eight

2013 Ocean Eight Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir; Red Wine

2013 Ocean Eight Pinot Noir

Mornington Peninsula, Victoria Australia

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Deep and dark in colour, a true 'burgundy' hue with blood red tending to maroon. There is just a little cloudiness which is an indication that the wine has been bottled without filtration and fining in order to retain as much flavour as possible. At this youthful stage the wine is very fruit dominant in aromas with raspberries and red cherries being the most apparent. Underpinning the fruitiness is some autumnal dried leaf and earthiness. A chewy layered texture defines the palate which has abundant weight and intensity. The fruit is very much to fore when tasting the wine along the dried leaf with just a subtle hint of char from a little bit of oak. Overall it is already a very complex wine. The finish sees a firm grip from grape tannin and good crisp acid and both these factors will assist the wines aging potential. Give this wine a decant to aerate the wine and soften the tannin. A perfect wine to match superbly with a soft creamy cheese.


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