The Beagles’ Guide to Good Golf and Good Wine

Thwarted again!  Taz and Flinders turning around 20 yards short of the 9th fairway at Pebble Beach.


We are Taz and Flinders, the proprietors of Southern Latitudes Wines in Carmel California.  You may know us as savy, floppy eared wine professionals, but few realize that our first love is golf. What beagle could

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And They Even Have Cool Climate Kangaroos Too!

A wallaby in Tasmania feeling cool.

A wallaby in Tasmania feeling cool.

The other day, we came across a wine column in the New York Times which made the startling point, for us anyway, that Australian red wines “are all heavy-bodied and high octane, overwhelming combinations of thick fruit flavors, oak and alcohol,” and it is a shame that no

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“Acid is as important to wine as to some music of the 60’s.” … Discuss.


Our next several posts — oh, oh, now we are committed — will cover some ideas to incorporate in your wine experiences in 2013.  First up, acidity.

Acid is truly vital to wine and here are some reasons why.

Acids in wines are chemical compounds giving rise to those wonderful sharp or sour tastes. 

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Remember the Riesling: Five Reasons Why You Need Riesling In Your Wine Cellar

Australian Riesling

   Kilikanoon Riesling from Australia with Fennel Chicken and Greens

There are at least five good reasons to give Riesling a try:

The flavors are constantly evolving;

It is highly ageable;

The aromas are distinctive and wonderful;

Alcohol is typically low;

There are various levels of sweetness from dry to botrytized.


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Variety: The Spice of Life But The Scourge of Some Wine Drinkers

Ata Rangi Vineyards Sign

Ata Rangi Vineyards

We recently read an article in the WSJ concerning the disappearance of New Zealand Pinot Noir from wine shops and restaurants. Predictably, the article transitioned into a tasting report with the ultimate pronouncement that many of the wines were not so great. It got us thinking again both about the disappearance

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