The Beagles’ Guide to Good Golf and Good Wine

Thwarted again!
  Taz and Flinders turning around 20 yards short of the 9th fairway at Pebble Beach.


We are Taz and Flinders, the proprietors of Southern Latitudes Wines in Carmel California.  You may know us as savy, floppy eared wine professionals, but few realize that our first love is golf. What beagle could resist wide open spaces, sand pits, tall trees, and snack carts?  The game becomes all the more tantalizing when coupled with the bewildering fact that our access to all of these pleasures is repeatedly and unreasonably denied.

But at least we can be part of the 19th hole – who would notice us by then – so as beagles always say, enjoy what you can when you can.  And speaking of enjoyment, isn’t it curious how similar golf and wine are, especially when it comes to improving your ability with each?!

For example, how much more fun can you have than standing on the (grass!) practice range (with shiny new range balls!), booming drive after drive after beautiful drive?! You’re in the zone, you’re hitting every ball flush, oh how you love this game!  You hold your finish, you admire the ball’s soaring flight … effortless hedonism!

What’s the wine equivalent?

How about a big bruising California Cabernet or Zinfandel — gobs of fruit and vanilla American oak, a massive wine that coats your palate like biting into a blueberry jam frosted donut.  Pure indulgence in a glass.  You love this stuff.  You know who you are.  It’s a style for sure, and one loved by millions.

A quick question, in between swings of your driver and sips of your Cab — how much time did you spend on your short game this week?  A few practice putts before the round?  Anything else?  Any chipping or pitching … at all … ever?  Bunker practice?  Anyone?  Hello?  And while we’re asking, when was the last time you drank a wine that wasn’t quite so bold and bruising, something with a bit more precision and elegance, something more subtle on the palate, with nuance to be explored, revealed, and perhaps contemplated?

Blasting beautiful drives on the range is great fun, but what ultimately matters is the PLONK of your golf ball finding the bottom of the cup.  That can be a nirvana moment.  Like that “aha” moment when you are overwhelmed with the elegance and layered flavors of a beautiful, fully developed, aged wine … or that perfect wine and food pairing that you knocked out of the park, that seamless match that made both the wine and the dish something more, and better even, than each on its own.

So while plonk is good on the green, not so much in your glass.  The beagles are here to tell you it’s time to make some changes, and look forward to helping you toward a year of better golf and good wine!

Coming soon … Lower Your Golf Score and Get Away From Your Wine Scores